Georgian Language

Georgian language is the official language of Georgia. It belongs to a group of Kartvelian languages along with Mingrelian (Megrelian), Laz, and Svan languages. Roots of Georgian language which is used by 5 million people in the world date back into the depth of millennia. Herodotus and other authors linked Kolkhetian language with the Egyptian language (Kolkhida is the ancient name of western Georgia). The first literature work in Georgian language which is preserved is “Martyrdom of the Holy Queen Shushanik” written in the 5th century by the priest Iakob Tsurtaveli . Great contribution to the formation of the modern literary Georgia language was made by Georgian writers of the 19th century, Ilia Chavchavadze and Akaki Tsereteli.

Georgian written language is created based on Georgian alphabet which is one of the 14 alphabets existing in the world. Based on the writings of author Leonti Mroveli in the 11th century, Georgian alphabet was created by the king Pharnavaz I in III century BC. During the centuries letters have changed and the alphabet took modern appearance in 17th century. The oldest writing on Georgian language was found in the eastern part of Georgia, town Nekresi and dates back to the I-II centuries. On the fractured stone you can read the words: “Nobody touch Azat”.