Georgian cuisine

Georgian national cuisine has a large variety of dishes, due to the abundance of ingredients used, both local and imported and established on this land. Each region in Georgia is characterized by its unique cuisine.  Mountainous regions where livestock is thriving, but is very little agricultural land, are dominated by dishes based on meat and dairy products, such as the famous khinkali, kaurma, contory, dambali hacho, chvishtari, kubdari, cheese guda et al. These are the dishes of national cuisine of Eastern Georgia – mtsvadi, kharcho, chikhirtma, nigvziani badrijani, matsoni, chakapuli, mujuji, pkhali; and sweets: gozinaki and churchkhela. Compared with eastern Georgia, where usage of cattle meat is more common, in western Georgia most of the meat diet is poultry. Also West Georgia is characterized by the use of corn flour and a variety of spices. Black Sea port for centuries abundantly supplied this part of the country by spices from abroad. At the dinner table in western Georgia you will see: khachapuri, corn tortillas – mchadi, gomi with sulguni cheese, chicken tabaka, chakhokhbili, satsivi, chashushuli, bazhe,  kupati, kuchmachi;  from sweets- pelamushi and halva. Georgia also has its own souses – tkemali and satsebeli.