Grand Caucasus

15 days, 14 nights

Fifteen-day trekking through harsh and enchanting regions of Georgian Caucasus won’t leave visitors indifferent. Snow covered peaks and glaciers of Caucasus: Kazbek, Tetnuldi, Ushba; Abudelauri lakes hidden amidst the mountains and incredible panoramas from bird’s eye view – the pride of Caucasus, far from noisy and grey cities. This is what we offer in our … Continue reading “Grand Caucasus”


14 days, 13 nights

Two-week tour, with the main focus on eight-day hike in the very heart of Caucasus Mountains, from Omalo to Kazbek, promises adventurers a truly unique experience. Far from bustling cities and settlements, ancient mountain paths will open your eyes to a fascinating panorama of mountains ridges, glaciers, century-old towers that look down proudly at the … Continue reading “Omalo-Kazbek”

Hike in Georgia

11 days, 12 nights

10 day tour of Eastern Georgia offers outdoor enthusiasts a great opportunity to visit three differing natural landscapes without going hundreds of kilometers away: Javakheti Plateau, Mount Kazbek and Vashlovani National Park. Passing through these places unique hiking trails open views of the ridges of mountains, glaciers, semi-deserts. During the tour it is scheduled to … Continue reading “Hike in Georgia”