Georgian folk music and dance

The world famous Georgian polyphonic music, mesmerizing in its harmony and leading the listener into the depth of the Caucasian culture was recognized as “a masterpiece of world cultural heritage” UNESKO in 2001. Even in the first century BC Greek historian Strabo described the Georgian military polyphonic song. In Georgian polyphonic music there are two areas: the church and folk singing. The songs are an integral part of the culture and way of life of the people.

Georgian dance, as well as Georgian polyphony, have long since won the audience of many cities and countries. In the early 20th century, the famous choreographer Ilya  Sukhishvili polished dance elements on the basis of Georgian folklore, bringing them to perfection, thus laying the foundation of the Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet. None of the family or national festivities are complete without a national dance, the power and energy of which captivates the viewer.